Senoptic® range of coatings is the result of years of experience and it’s constantly expanding thanks to research into innovative and customised solutions.

Choosing the best protective coating for the characteristics of the eyewear to be treated isn’t easy.

Weilburger Coatings provides a consultation service to guide you in the selection of the right protective coating to meet your requirements.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll always be ready to listen to you.

A nuance for any frame

Senoptic® coloured coatings are available for metal frames, plastic frames and metal & plastic frames.

In addition to the colour shades in the catalogue, the laboratory can formulate and produce eyewear coatings in innovative colours to customised specifications in order to meet fashion trends and the specific requirements of an individual brand.

A full range of coatings
for plastic, metal
and mixed
plastic&metal eyewear